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DayStar Filters Quantum Ordering
Currently, all Quantum Filters are
made-to-order with current lead times stated in weeks on the side-bar to the left.

Check your local dealership for availability of In-Stock DayStar Quantums.

All prices are FOB Warrensburg.  

Please see Terms and Conditions page about shipping and payment terms.   

The Quantum SE grade series are designed for most amateur and some academic applications. These filters meet the critical DayStar quality control criteria applicable in all visual and some photographic environments.

Our Quantum PE grade series is designed for professional research studies and applications in which precision homogeneity and onband transmitance values across the substrate surface are required. These filters require additional quality control steps and additional fabrication and testing time. (READ MORE ABOUT OUR PE GRADE CERTIFICATION)

(Standard Edition)
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0.8Å QSE
0.8Å QPE
0.7Å QSE
0.7Å QPE
0.6Å QSE
0.6Å QPE
0.5Å QSE
0.5Å QPE
0.4Å QSE
0.4Å QPE
0.3Å QSE
0.3Å QPE

* HALF-BANDWIDTH: The term half-bandwidth refers to an optics industry standard of measure.  On a chart depicting the peak where light is transmitted, that peak's width is measured at the point 50% between zero and full transmission. This term is called half-bandwidth.

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Hydrogen Alpha Filters

Current Delivery Times
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0-10 days for:
Original Quark
uestar Quark
Combo Quark
Calcium Quark

2-4 weeks for:
Blocker and Trimmers
ION Filters
CaII H line filters
Quantum upgrade:  
Quantum SE Filters
SolaREDi 66 Scopes

3-6 months for:
Quantum PE Filters
Ca II K Line PE Filters
Sodium Line FIlters
SR-127 Telescope
Solar System Filter Wheel

All DayStar Hydrogen a filter assemblies need to be used in conjunction with a lens cover and Energy Rejection Filter.

Offering absolute precision control over wavelength transmission. . .

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