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SolaREDi alpha series 60mm telescope
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25% resolution

low resolution - full diskThe new SolaREDi 60mm upgrade offers almost twice the imaging resolution for the SAME price.  Observers are now able to view or image in high resolution and high magnification with an entry level H alpha telescope.

The images captured here were taken 11/2/2008 in our first imaging session with the new 60mm instrument.
Bandpass: 0.5Å
Clear Aperture:  60mm
Camera: webcam
Seeing was fair.

50% resolution - 1/4 disk


SolaREDi alpha is available in the following choice of bandpasses:
SolaREDi alpha 0.7Å Hepta:
SolaREDi alpha 0.5Å Penta:
SolaREDi alpha 0.3Å Tria:

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